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The Knife House specializes in kitchen knife sales, sharpening, and repair. In addition to our professional cutlery selection, we offer chef uniforms (Phoenix only), kitchen basics, sharpening equipment, and instruction. Owned and operated by former culinary professionals and knife makers, we strive to meet the needs of the local culinary industry as well as the home cook.

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Fine Japanese Cutlery

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Full In-House Knife Service

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We pride ourselves on our sharpening and specialize in repairs

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Hosted at STEELPORT’s Portland factory space (NE 36th and Sandy Blvd), every student will be provided with the sharpening equipment and practice knives to use during class. Students are welcome to bring their own kitchen knives from home if they’d like suggestions from Eytan for best sharpening practices specific to their knives. Every student will progress at a different pace and some might be able to sharpen their personal knives while in class. The focus of this class is for culinary knives but the skills acquired can be applied to any other edged tool.

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Fine Japanese Cutlery


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Online Sales

We have decided not to offer our selection for sale online and believe that most things are better purchased in person. We have a large rotating selection which would be difficult for us to maintain as a web-store, so choose to focus our efforts on educating and guiding our customers towards the right knife for them. That said, if you are an existing customer and know what you want, please do feel free to contact us and we will be happy to accommodate if we can.

Knife Care

No knife is dishwasher safe and stainless does not mean stain-proof - hand wash and dry your knives immediately after each use. Patina/discoloration is normal on carbon steel knives, rust should be removed immediately in order to avoid pitting (we recommend Barkeepers friend, found at any grocery store) As a general rule - do not use your knife on anything you would not use your teeth on or it will chip (cleavers aside), bones and frozen food will damage your blade. All knives will dull with use, regardless of price, and will need regular honing and sharpening. Always use a wood, plastic, or hard rubber cutting board - avoid cutting on plates, countertops and hard materials such as glass or granite. We encourage all our customers to maintain their own tools if they wish and are here as a resource.

Uniform Sales

We currently only sell uniforms at the Phoenix location and welcome retail sales as well as business - to establish an account please contact the Phoenix store for all your BOH and FOH needs. Our Portland store carries only aprons at the moment.

Return/Exchange Policy

Returns/exchanges must be made within 14 days of purchase, all items must be unused in original packaging/condition and with receipt. Items without a receipt will be charged a 10% restocking fee and can be exchanged for store credit


Knives - We will cover any defect for the life of the product and will repair or replace the item at no charge. We will not cover any normal wear, misuse, or damage to the product. * Other items will be subject to the manufacturers policies


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The brand new @steelportknifeco 6” boning knife. Fantastic build quality, heat treatment, and feel. Steelport is a Portland, Oregon based company utilizing 100% American sourced materials and labor.

The brand new @steelportknifeco 6” boning knife. Fantastic build quality, heat treatment, and feel. Steelport is a Portland, Oregon based company utilizing 100% American sourced materials and labor. ...